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Apparel & Gifts

4-H Mom T-Shirts

4-H mom t-shirt

$15 Each - Available sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL, and 2XL
All profits go to the Elbert County 4-H Cloverbuds program. Graphic on the back illustrates findings from the Tufts University 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development, detailing how youth involved in 4-H programs excel in several areas over their peers. Shirts are available at our office. Stop by and pick one up today!

So Easy to Preserve Book

So Easy to Preserve book cover

The University of Georgia is pleased to announce a 6th Edition of its popular cookbook, So Easy to Preserve. Chapters in the 388-page book include Preserving Food, Canning, Pickled Products, Sweet Spreads and Syrups, Freezing and Drying. So Easy to Preserve cookbooks are $18 each and make wonderful gifts!

911 Address Signs  

911 sign of house number 503

911 Sign - $ 25
Local ordinance dictates that homes must have an identifying street number located on the same side of the street as the structure. A mailbox across the street with numbers is not sufficient. To order your 911 address sign, please contact our office. These signs are bright blue and mounted on a 3ft. t-post. The reflective numbers are printed by Elbert County Emergency Services.  Printable Order Form Here