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Plant Sale

Deadline to order and submit payment is Friday October 30th.

Plant pick-up is Tuesday, November 10th and Wednesday, November 11th.

Cash, check, debit and credit cards are accepted. (Cards can not be taken over the phone.)


1 gal: $8 |  7 gal: $25

Brightwell Fruit ripens in early to mid June through mid July. Berries have a medium size, excellent flavor & a dry stem scar.
Suggested pollinators: Powderblue & Premier.

Climax Early fruiting variety. Berries are firm with excellent flavor, good color, very small stem scar. Suggested pollinator: Premier.

Delite The delite is a late season variety that produces large, firm light blue berries.

Premier Ripens early to mid season, usually earlier than other mid season varieties. Fruit are larger in size with excellent color, great flavor and a dry stem scar. Suggested pollinator: Brightwell.

Tifblue Ripens mid to late season. Fruit are medium size with good flavor. Suggested pollinators: Brightwell


1 gallon: $8

Caroline Fruit are large in size, bright red and well-flavored. Plants are more disease resistant and fruit ripens earlier than most ever bearers. 

Fall Gold Fruit are large in size, golden, very sweet and somewhat soft. Plants are vigorous, productive and adaptable to a wide variety of soils. First crop ripens in July. Second crop ripens late August.

Heritage Fruit are large in size, dark red, and very sweet. Plants have vigorous growth habits and adapt well in well-drained soils.


1 gallon: $8

Apache (Thornless) Fruit are very large in size with very good flavor and an average sugar content of 10-11%. Fruit ripens over a five-week period with very high yields.

Arapaho (Thornless) The earliest ripening thornless variety. Characteristics of the Arapaho are it is erect, self supporting canes, good fruit quality, earliness of ripening and its ability to establish a full fruiting row quickly.


7 gallon: $45

Pawnee Large nut with soft shell. Excellent quality, good yields, ripens early and bears nuts at a young age. Trees are disease resistant and good for high density plantings.

Elliot Large nut with thin shell. Cracks excellent, good flavor, high yields and   produces consistently. Trees are very prolific and are disease and scab resistant.

Caddo Begins bearing at an early age, and production remains high in mature trees has a slender kernel with an attractive gold color. Caddo is an early ripening pecan, with average harvest in beginning of October.


3 gallon: $20

Japanese Fuyu Fruit are non-astringent, medium to large in size, excellent flavor, oblate in shape, dark  orange skin, light orange flesh and ripens late.


5 gallon: $20

Santa Rosa Fruit are large in size, purplish red in color, yellow flesh, and ripen mid-season. Trees grow very vigorous and are partially self-fertile but will produce better when planted with another variety.

Methley Fruit are medium to large in size, reddish purple in color, sweet juicy flesh, and ripen early. Trees have upright growth habit.


1 gal: $8 | 3 gal: $15  

Brown Turkey Fruit are medium to large in size, copper color skin, amber to pink color flesh, great flavor, a closed eye and very few seeds. Plants are prolific, often producing fruit twice a year.


5 gallon: $20

Belle of Georgia Fruit are large in size, skin has a light color with a red cheek, excellent flavor, freestone, firm and ripens mid to late season.

Red Haven Fruit are medium is size, bright red ski, yellow flesh, good flavor, freestone, and ripens early.


5 gallon: $20

Fuji Fruit are medium in size, yellowish green with red tint skin, white flesh, very crisp, juicy and ripens mid season.

Granny Smith Large, waxy, green apple that is firm and bruise resistant. Crisp and juicy with white flesh. Superb eating and cooking qualities. Very vigorous and bears heavily annually and early. Self-fertile.

Honeycrisp Fruit is mottled red over yellow flesh, is very crisp. Recommended pollinator is Yellow Delicious.

Yellow Delicious Large tapered fruit with golden yellow skin. Very vigorous tree bears at young age. Self -fertile


5 gallon: $20

Callaway Pink buds open in spring to white flowers. Flowers are followed by large, bright red crabapples (to 1.5” diameter) that mature in fall and may persist into winter. Flesh is crisp, yellow and mildly tart. Great for jellies, as well as fresh eating. Noted for excellent disease resistance. Grows 15 to 25 feet tall.


5 gallon: $20 

Kieffer Fruit are large in size, golden yellow in color, white flesh, crunchy, sweet, ripens early to mid season. Trees are hardy, blight resistant and prolific. 

Moonglow Fruit are medium in size, yellow in color, white flesh, excellent flavor, soft and ripens early. Trees have upright growth and are blisht resistent

Pineapple Fruit are large in size, yellow with reddish tint color, whit flesh, unique flavor, ripens early. Tree are medium in size, very prolific and blight resistent.