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Termite Control

Termite Control Workshops address the critical and changing needs of the termite control industry in Georgia and the southeastern U.S. through classroom lectures and discussion, on-site demonstrations, and interactive field activities on such topics as:

  • Termite biology and inspection for termites 
  • Construction methods and types 
  • Rules and regulations governing termite control in Georgia 
  • Formosan termites in Georgia 
  • Application equipment, calibration, and demonstrations 
  • Safety considerations, siphoning, chemical spills, and environmental concerns, 
  • Void and sub-slab treatment demonstrations, including foaming

The Termite Control Workshop awards 11 certifications/6 registration WDO hours in Goeriga. It also provides credit in Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.



"Very informative!"


"Should be mandatory for all WDO techs and potential techs."


"This has been an overwhelming class. Very helpful, well worth coming."


"Awesome class, awesome instructors!"