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Insect & Weed ID

This Structural Pest Management Handbook is a guide to more than 75 common pest insects found in and around the home, including prevention and treatment options.


Homeowner Insect and Weed Diagnostics Laboratory

Ms. Lisa Ames is the University of Georgia’s insect and lawn weed diagnostician. She supports Georgia’s county extension agents by providing them with identification and control recommendations for samples submitted to them by Georgia homeowners. County agents can submit samples to Lisa via U.S. mail (see address below) or by photograph through email. See the Georgia Pest Management Handbook (Commercial Edition) to review guidelines for physical sample preparation and submission. 

Turnaround time for U.S. mail-submitted samples depends on the degree of identification desired and the condition of the sample submitted. Priority is given to cases where the specimen is suspected of causing damage or is a public health concern. For specimens where a more specific identification is required, the sample may be sent to a specialist for further identification, and turnaround time will thereby be increased.

County agents can submit physical samples using the Sample Submission Form (PDF) to Lisa Ames at:

Homeowner Insect and Weed Diagnostics Laboratory
Department of Entomology
UGA Griffin Campus
210 Cowart Building
1109 Experiment Street 
Griffin, GA 30223
Phone: 770-228-7220