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Commercial IPM

Commercial pest management is the control and management of pests in public and private buildings generally not considered a place of primary residence. Commercial environments subject to pest management include restaurants and other locations where food and non-food items are processed or stored (including food storage warehouses and food processing plants). Some commercial accounts are considered especially sensitive, and include nursing homes, hospitals, and schools.

Pests in commercial accounts can be diverse, but in large part include ants, small and large flies, cockroaches, rodents, and a myriad stored product pests to name a few. In Georgia, performance of non-WDO work in commercial accounts is regulated by the Georgia Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Household Pest Control (HPC) and the label guidelines of the product(s) of choice to control pests in commercial environments. In this workshop we will address various aspects of the biology and management of the key pest groups found in commercial accounts, and the Georgia Rules and Regulations in place for those working in this arena.

This workshop awards 5 hours HPC credit in Georgia. It also provides credit in Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.