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Bed Bugs

During the past several decades the pest control industry has seen a tremendous resurgence of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) as a pest where people sleep, aggregate, or otherwise spend time. Public places are especially susceptible to bed bug infestations. This cryptic, nocturnal, blood-sucking insect is adept at moving from infested to uninfested sites because of its proclivity at attaching to human property (back packs, beds, furniture, etc.) and going long periods without a blood meal.

Bed bug services should aim to eliminate the infestation. The bug’s cryptic nature, natural history, and well-documented levels of insecticide resistance have made bed bug control challenging. In this workshop we will address various aspects of the bed bug pest management process important to pest management professionals, including biology, inspection and detection (the art and science of detecting live bed bugs), pros and cons of various control techniques (including current status of insecticide resistance), and the importance of post-treatment monitoring.

This workshop awards 5 hours HPC credit in Georgia. It also provides credit in Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.