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Stephens County

Agriculture is our driving economic force in Stephens County, with poultry production as the top contributor ($68M). Agritourism is our fastest growing sector. We provide unbiased, research-based information to agricultural producers, residents and businesses related to water management, home gardening, vegetable production, native plants, wildlife and pasture and livestock management. This year, Stephens County 4-H focused on Healthy Living, one of National 4-H mission mandates, addressing youth tobacco, alcohol, vaping and drug usage through a 4-H Health Rocks Mini Day Camp. The classes focused on helping youth make healthy decisions, set goals, stress reduction, and nutrition. Keeping 4-H youth on a healthy pathway is critical in preventing youth substance abuse.

A healthy Georgia is a better Georgia. 

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers programming focused on mental health, financial well-being, nutrition and everything in between. UGA Extension had 1,808,305 face-to-face contacts in 2023. Of these, 170,771 contacts addressed health and wellness topics, including rural and farm stress.

Extension is committed to helping rural Georgia farmers and families thrive. UGA Extension provides physical and mental health resources to keep rural Georgia growing stronger, especially when times are tough. Our new Behavioral Health Team provides fact sheets, trainings and a weekly blog—all to help Georgia individuals and families thrive. 

Growing cities.

UGA Extension helps urban gardeners develop school gardens, community gardens and urban farms to benefit their communities. Extension works with educators to create sustainable outdoor classrooms that function as successful teaching tools. Community gardeners are supported in growing healthy food crops in small spaces while urban farmers are encouraged to apply the latest agricultural research to grow their businesses. 

Committed to Georgia’s youth. 

Georgia’s 4-H enrolled 173,505 youths across the state during the 2022-23 school year.

Get the facts. 

UGA Extension publications are the go-to source for unbiased, research-based information in the state of Georgia. 

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County economic output: $232,989,180

County farm gate value: $85,201,873

County jobs in agriculture: 565

Top commodities: Broilers, Beef Cows, Layers- Table Egg Production

Source: 2024 Ag Snapshots UGA Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development 

Stephens County Extension General Photo