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Project Achievement

Georgia 4-H Project Achievement

What is Project Achievement?

Project Achievement is skills for a lifetime! 4-H'ers develop leadership, creativity, public speaking skills, recordkeeping, and more through this program! Specifically, students pick a project area of interest, research the topic, write a presentation, and present it to others. As students become older, a record-keeping component that promotes independent thinking, research, and implementation is added.

Project Achievement

Explore your interests
Share your story
Unleash your creativity
Celebrate your achievements


5th Grade

For a 5th Grade Cloverleaf 4-H'er, the presentation will begin at school or the county level competition and advance to the area or district level competition. The 4-H project is two parts: a 2-3 page report and a poster/tri-board. 4-H projects are due at school on Friday, February 19th to the 4-H'ers science teacher. Mrs. Yearwood will collect the students 4-H Projects to be judged at the 4-H Office by the Stephens County Retired Educators. The students will not be present for the judging. Students will be notified of winners on Friday, February 26th. All first place 4-H Project Fair winners will be invited to attend the district competition, District Project Achievement, on Saturday, March 20th at South Jackson Elementary School. In preparation for 4-H Cloverleaf Project Achievement the first place winners can attend an after school District Project Achievement preparation and practice class, 3:00-5:00 pm, at school. Date of these practices will be sent home with the winners. After which, there will be a parent meeting from 5:00-6:00 pm. At this practice, 4-H’ers take their 4-H projects and turn it into an oral presentation. We use their 4-H project 2-3 page report and make it their speech. They learn tips on public speaking and practice giving their presentations. Students have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in public speaking.


  • 2-3 Pages Typed or Neatly Hand Written (front side only of paper)
  • Report should have 3 parts: Introduction, Body (3 points), & Conclusion
  • “How to Projects”: List all necessary steps involved (Ex. How to build a model car, How to make a shoot archery)
  • Include important facts, statistics, etc. in your paper
  • In November 2020, 4-H'ers were given handouts outlining how to write their essay. These handouts can be found here and here.


  • You may use a single poster board or a tri-board
  • NEATNESS-wording needs to be legible
  • Use of color (No more than 2-3 colors)
  • Wording on poster can be computer printed or handwritten
  • Pictures are a plus! Colored or black & white pictures, drawings graphs, charts, etc.)
  • Make sure poster makes sense or goes with your report
  • In January 2020, 4-H'ers were given a handout showing how to lay out their posters. This handout can be found here.

6th Grade

For a 6th Grade Cloverleaf 4-H'er, the presentation will begin at the area or district level competition. 

  • 6th Grade DPA



For 7th and 8th Grade Junior 4-H'ers, the presentation will begin at the area or district level competition. 



Senior competitions begin at the district level and advance to the state competition known as State 4-H Congress and even national competition known as National 4-H Congress.