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Morgan County 4-H Informational Brochure:

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What's Going on in Morgan County?

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Cloverleaf 4-H

Morgan County 4-H Home School Club

  • An educational, fun club for home schoolers!  Join our club meetings held at the Morgan County Extension/4-H Office, 440 Hancock Street, Madison, GA
  • Meeting Dates - > First Monday of each month during the school calendar.  Time: 2:30-3:30 pm

            Contact:  Janet Woodard, 706-342-2214.   

  • Georgia 4-H Home Based Education Resources

Georgia 4-H Centers schedule events specific for home based families to participate in activities for overnight or day field studies.

>Rock Eagle 4-H Center – 706-484-2899 -

Saturday @ the Rock- Takes place on the third Saturday of each month offering different topics such as; Watershed Studies, etc. Open to everyone. For more info check:  Community Programs at Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Morgan County 4-H Project Clubs

4-H Horse Club-

Have fun learning about horses. This equine club meets the 2nd Monday of each month during the school calendar year. You don't need to own a horse to be a member!  4th - 12th Grade.

  • Learn horse care
  • Learn training techniques
  • Participate fun field trips
  • Perform Community Service projects

   Upcoming Important Dates

Contact the 4-H Office (706) 342-2214 for more information.


Judging and Team Events:  Learn More  (you will be taken to new page)

  • Dairy Judging
    • We will be forming a team in the Spring!  Call for more information:  Shannon Cagle (706) 342-2214

You will be able to identify cow breeds and evaluate classes of dairy animals and back-up your ranking choices with oral reasons.   

This contest is open to all 4-H'ers from all over Georgia ages 9-19.  Contest is in Spring. See more info under our Morgan County Horse Club listed above.

  • Poultry Judging
    • Call for more information:  Shannon Cagle (706) 342-2214

        As a poultry team member you will examine eggs and judge their quality and be able to candle them to assign a quality grade.  You will be able to evaluate live chickens to judge their ability to be a good laying hen.   

  • Wildlife Judging Team.  Call Janet Woodard (706) 342-2214 for more information. 

>Team members will learn about wildlife habitat and risk
>Identify risks and damages
>Learn common wildlife and Fisheries Food

  • Livestock Judging
     >Team members will:  acquire better knowledge of livestock and develop skills in choosing good livestock, identifying breeds and classes of livestock, study and judge beef cattle, hogs and sheep.
    • No animals are required to participate

4-H Educational Events and Civic Engagement

  • 4-H State Council:  This annual meeting is where the elections of Georgia 4-H State Officers occur as well as multiple events, competitions and training for any current 8th-12th grade 4-H member.
  • 4-H State Congress, is the premiere competitive and recognition event for high school age Georgia 4-H’ers.  Held each year in Atlanta, State Congress is a four-day event that hosts various contests, recognizes 4-H scholarship recipients, and honors state 4-H winners in a variety of projects and competitions.

Knowledge Quiz Bowl Opportunities

  • Dairy Quiz Bowl- Youth participating in 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl receive a better knowledge of dairy-related topics and learn to demonstrate that knowledge in a competitive and thought-stimulating environment. They also receive important life skills, such as confidence, independence and compassion. They have the opportunity to strengthen their decision-making and leadership skills in an environment which allows contribution to a group effort, encouraging teamwork and collaboration with a diverse group of peers.

  • Horse Quiz Bowl- The Georgia 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl contest is in January 2021 in Morgan County. Teams of either four or five members from one county compete in a game show type format and answer questions related to equine subject matter. Teams are practicing now:  Tuesdays from-4:00-5:00 pm.  You can ride the school bus to our office.  Contact the school for details.

Each contest consists of double elimination tournament style matches where two teams compete at a time. A county can bring up to two senior and two junior teams to the area contest. Junior (4-8 grade) and Senior (9-12 grade) 4-H members are eligible to compete in Horse Quiz Bowl. Members of the winning senior division team become master 4-H’ers and go on to compete at Western National Round Up in Denver, CO.

For specific details call Lucy Ray, Morgan County Extension: 706-342-2214.

District Project Achievement-Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Competitions

Learn More

Youth Leadership Programs  

Livestock Showing with Morgan County 4-H

Showing Livestock with Morgan County 4-H (tri-fold brochure)

  • If you are interested in showing livestock with 4-H we have show teams for the following:
    • Market Goats
    • Breeding Ewes
    • Breeding Does
    • Market Hogs
    • Registered Beef
    • Commercial Dairy Heifers
    • Poultry

Call our 4-H office to sign-up.  706.342.2214.


Morgan County Fundraiser CAmpaigns

Pre-Order Only Fundraisers.  All proceeds support Morgan County 4-H Programs and Activities

  • Vidalia Onion: (Spring) Mid-March-Early May.  Pick-up is as soon as the onions are dug.
  • Fruit Tree and Bush Sale: (Late summer-Early Fall) Just in time to plant! Pick-up is usually the first Friday-Sat am in November

Thank you for your support!