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Shooting Sports Team

S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness Fun Education)

This is a specialized 4-H program that introduces youth to the sport of shooting; promotes safety; develops discipline, poise, self-control, and re-enforces the concepts of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Certified S.A.F.E. coaches lead these clubs.

Archery 4th-12th Grade:
Archery will start up around Oct/Nov each year. They compete at the indoor archery competition in Jan. and the state archery competition in April.

Shotgun 7th-12th Grade:
Shotgun will start up around Jan/Feb each year. They will compete in the district shotgun competition in April and the state competition in May.

Both S.A.F.E. clubs require completion of the hunter's safety course for 7th-12th graders. Visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for more information on hunter education courses.

Visit the Georgia 4-H website for more information on Project S.A.F.E.




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