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Summer Camp

When it comes to providing your child with a life-changing experience, there’s nothing quite like 4-H summer camp. Camp provides a complete “learning by doing” 4-H experience coupled with the fun and wonder of the great outdoors.

One of the best gifts we can give our kids is to empower them with skills that will last for a lifetime, which is why parents have been sending their kids to 4-H summer camps for decades.

We had a great 2022 4-H camping season.  Registration for next year's Hall County 4-H camping season will begin in early 2023.

Cloverleaf Camp (Grades 5-6)                                   
Rock Eagle 4-H Center   

Cloverleaf Camp


Wilderness Challenge Camp (Grades 6-8)       
Wahsega 4-H Center

Wilderness Challenge Camp


Junior Camp (Grades 7-8)                                             
Camp Jekyll, Jekyll Island
Junior Camp

Senior EXTREME Camp (Grades 9-12)                        
Rock Eagle 4-H Center/Frank Fitch Pioneer Camp
Senior Extreme Camp

Senior Camp (Grades 9-12)                                            
Rock Eagle 4-H Center
Senior Camp

Rock Eagle 4-H Center Lake
Rock Eagle 4-H Center
Map of Georgia 4-H Centers