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Project Achievement

Project Achievement

4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone of the Georgia 4-H Program. From the first Boys' Corn Club sharing their crops to today's presentations and portfolios on hundreds of topics, Project Achievement serves to showcase 4-H'ers work and success.

Project Achievement seeks to help youth be prepared and confident for speaking in front of a group of people, because we all have a voice that needs to be heard.

Learn the Lingo:

CPA - Cloverleaf County Project Achievement: 4th, 5th, and 6th grade members compete at the local level. 

DPA - District Project Achievement: 4th-12th grade.  Brings together competitors from across Northeast Georgia.

Portfolio - For 7th - 12th grade members to compete in DPA they must submit a portfolio at the end of the calendar year. The portfolio details their activities and establishes their credentials to compete. The portfolio also constitutes a portion of their score at competition. 

State Congress  - For 9th-12th grade. The state level competition brings together the district winners for a chance to claim the title of Master 4-H'er.

District Project Achievement