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Clubs, Teams, and Activities

Junior Council

Grades 6-8

Junior Council meets once a month.  Junior 4-H’ers participate in leadership training, community service activities and compete in District Project Achievement. 


Senior Council

Grades 9-12

Senior Council meets once a month.  Senior 4-H'ers are involved in leadership, service to the community, public speaking, and career development, such as, interview and resume/portfolio skills.  

School Club Meetings

Grades 5-8

School Club meetings are conducted from September through March.  We provide new and unique programs which complement and enrich student learning and are designed to help meet state education standards.

Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Team

Grades 4-12

Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging is a competitive judging contest where 4-H’ers learn about cotton as an agriculture commodity in our state as well as to promote cotton through commercials or advertisements. 4-H’ers gain skills in making rational decisions when purchasing goods and services while maximizing resources.

The contest is made up of two competition areas: judging classes and advertisements/commercials.
4-H’ers are required to judge four classes of consumer items or services. Each class contains four similar items and has an accompanying situation statement. This statement describes a consumer and gives the needs to be considered when he/she makes a decision to purchase the item. Factors influencing these needs may include the person’s age, gender, available money, lifestyles, school or job status, preferences or other requirements that depend on the item given and the individual in the situation.

If you would like to learn more about this activity, please visit the website, Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging

Beef Show Team

Grades 4-12

The show ring can teach several life lessons and introduces youth to competition. Healthy competition teaches resilience and perseverance, which prepares youth for real-life situations. Raising livestock teaches responsibility, personal values, sportsmanship, financial sense, leadership and builds strong relationships. GOT BEEF? Come join our amazing Beef Show Team!

Dairy Judging Team

Grades 4-12

Learning to evaluate conformation requires a lot of hard work and training. You can learn this and have a great time in the 4-H Dairy Judging Program. In addition to learning about dairy cows, many life skills are gained through the judging experience. These include observation, decision-making, and public speaking skills. Judging teams also help you think more clearly, improve your memory, and develop confidence in yourself.

Dairy Judging

Poultry Judging

Grades 4-12

A competition team where youth learn more about the chicken than they thought possible. Various topics are explored regarding chicken anatomy, physiology, and eggs.  Youth learn how to visually inspect and grade chickens and eggs.  

Poultry Judging


S.A.F.E. Shooting Sports

S.A.F.E. Shooting Sports are not being offered in Hall County at this time.  We are in need of leadership and coaches for these programs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please see "Become a 4-H Volunteer."

I Am Georgia 4-H

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4-H'ers Volunteering at the Master Gardener Spring Expo