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  • Litter Samples: $52.
    • All litter samples must be packaged in pint ziplock bags.
  • Plant analysis: $25
  • E Coli and Coliform Bacteria, $36
  • Feed samples:Basic $20 with minerals $40
  • Nematodes: $12
  • Pond water: $35
  • Soil test: Basic $6
  • Water test: Basic $20
  • Misc. tests: Contact office
  • 911 Reflective signs $15


Pesticide Safety and Training

Pesticides are a vital part of most agricultural and forestry operations. Human and environmental safety does not have to be compromised. Let us help you apply pesticides safely.


Upcoming Events
  • Sep 14 - Sep 15 Southeast Area Forestry Field Day 4-H Event
    • Reidsville, GA - (15.0 Miles)
  • Nov 3 - Nov 4 Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Area Contest 4-H Event
    • Lyons, GA - (24.0 Miles)
  • Apr 21 - Apr 22 Georgia 4-H Area Poultry Judging-Lyons Poultry judging is an evaluation event in which students learn and understand standards used in poultry and egg production and marketing, and to apply the standards in a realistic decision-making situation. During the contest, participants judge both live specimens and market poultry, identify parts of birds already prepared for market, and evaluate eggs as to their quality and readiness for market. For at least one class, typically a live production class, participants are asked to justify their placing decisions through a set of oral reasons. Participants compare their opinion of an animal against the ideal as specified by industry experts, and learn organizational skills as they compose their thoughts into a cohesive set of reasons justifying their decisions.The skills of decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving are acquired throughout the process.
    • Lyons, GA - (24.0 Miles)
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Check out our Gardening Together 2021 Program below! Sign Up Today!

fileSpring is upon us and it will soon be time to start planting your summer vegetable garden. Evans County Extension and Tattnall County Extension have teamed up to offer the Summer 2021 Gardening Together program. Those who enroll in the program will receive free seeds, plants, and gardening information from the Extension Office as an incentive to grow a home garden. Registration for the program will begin on March 22nd and can be completed online at . Participants can also earn free prizes by entering giveaways and challenges throughout the program. The program is open to any individual in Tattnall County or Evans County who would like to learn more about gardening. Participants will need to provide their own planting space, gardening tools, and weed & pest control. Registration will be limited, so sign up soon to reserve your spot. For more information, contact the Evans County Extension Office at (912) 739-1292. Click on the flyer above to register!

Why do we need corn?

Why do we need corn and what is it used for besides corn bread? Corn is one of the main ingredients used to make livestock feed (cows, poultry, pigs, etc.). Corn is also used in more than 4,000 grocery store items like shampoo, toothpaste, chewing gum, marshmallows, crayons, and paper. In Evans county, there were over 1000 acres of corn planted in crop year 2018. That sounds like a lot of corn, but that is only a drop in the bucket compared the total acres of corn grown in the United States. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), U.S. farmers planted 91.7 million acres of corn in 2019. That’s about 69 million football fields of corn. To learn more about the many ways that we use corn in our daily lives, check out the attached infographic. To learn more about corn production, visit some of the websites below: