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Georgia Pest Management Handbook—Homeowner Edition (SB 48)

Edited by Dan Horton, Extension Entomologist

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The Georgia Pest Management Handbook—2015 Homeowner Edition provides current information on selection, application, and safe use of pest control chemicals. This handbook has recommendations for pest control around homes, on pets, for pests of home garden vegetables, fruits and ornamentals, and for pests of public health interest associated with our homes. Cultural, biological, physical, and other types of control are recommended where appropriate.

Recommendations are based on information on the manufacturers' labels and on performance data from research and extension trials at the University of Georgia and sister institutions. Because environmental conditions, the severity of pest pressure, and methods of application by growers vary widely, recommendations do not imply that performance of pesticides will always be acceptable.

This publication is intended to be used only as a guide. Always follow the use instructions and precautions on the pesticide label. For questions, concerns, or improvement suggestions regarding the Georgia Pest Management Handbook, please contact Dr. Dan Horton at

COPIES ARE AVAILABLE FOR $25 EACH. Visit the for-sale page or call 706-542-2956 for information on how to order. Payment can be made by check or credit card. Delivery will be 7-14 business days from receipt of order. Please include a street address rather than a P.O. box.

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Status and Revision History
Published on Jan 1, 2010
Re-published with major revisions on Jan 1, 2013
Re-published with major revisions on Jan 1, 2014
Re-published with major revisions on Jan 31, 2015