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4-H Youth Development

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About 4-H

Over the years, as the challenges facing America's youth have changed, so have the programs being offered by 4-H.

4-H began as a club for rural children and was deeply rooted in the agricultural and homemaking activities. Today's 4-H programs are much more than farming and sewing. Georgia 4-H'ers can learn how to create and maintain web sites, speak and give speeches effectively, lead volunteer efforts, and make smart consumer choices.

4-H youth have opportunities to demonstrate skills on projects they have selected. Yearly work is compiled in a portfolio that teaches skills for an impressive résumé for youth when completing high school. The youth also gather information on their project and present a demonstration each year. As 9th through 12th graders, they have the opportunity to win scholarships and go on to state and national competitions. The Georgia 4-H program teaches leadership, public speaking and teamwork skills and gives youth the chance to make new friends all over the state.

Dougherty 4-H provides all of these opportunities for youth and much more. We are involved in community service projects, camps for active youth in 5th through 12th grades, project workdays, and much more. 

Come and join us as we take learning to a whole new level! You'll be glad to be a Dougherty 4-H'er. Check us out on social media and contact us at 229-436-7216 for more information!

4-H Groups

  • Cloverleaf (5th & 6th grade)
  • Junior (7th & 8th grade)
  • Senior (9th - 12th grade)

Teen Leaders are any Junior or Senior 4-Hers that would like to participate in more activities than just the competitions.

4-H activities and programs are designed with kids in mind.
It's a place for young people to interact with sharing adults. 4-H is made up of groups of enthusiastic and motivated kids in an environment that builds pleasant memories. It is an assembly of teenagers extending peer support, rather than peer pressure, in a forum to experience hands-on learning to develop into a well-rounded person.

Conferences and Retreats
Several conferences are held throughout the year that focus on current trends and situations that young people face today. A state-wide Junior Conference is held in October/November for 7th and 8th grade 4-H'ers; Fall Forum (December), Senior Leadership Conference (April), and State 4-H Council (July) are held for 9th - 12th grade 4-H'ers. At the national level, National 4-H Conference, Citizenship Washington Focus, and Youth Issue Conferences are also held for Senior 4-H'ers. Selection for these conferences is based upon an application process. Area retreats, combined with counties surrounding Gwinnett, focus on youth leadership, financial awareness, and youth survival skills.

District Project Achievement (DPA)
4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H program. From the first Boys Corn Club sharing their crop, to today's presentation and portfolios on hundreds of projects, Project Achievement serves to showcase 4-H'ers work and success. 4-H'ers participating in Project Achievement investigate a topic and prepare a demonstration or “illustrated talk” with posters and props. This also includes popular projects, like fine arts performances and step-by-step food product preparation. These demonstrations are given at a district-wide competitive event, which includes 4-H'ers from surrounding counties. See our 4-H Agent or Educator to choose a subject and start planning your DPA presentation!

4-H Project Community Service
Active Dougherty County 4-H'ers conduct community service projects throughout the year. These activities can include projects such as: community clean-ups, adopt-a-highway, canned food for needy families, landscape projects, gardening, and assisting with community improvements. These projects vary from year to year, depending on local community needs, and look great on résumés that are lacking a volunteer work section!