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After School Programs

Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging

Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging is a competitive judging contest where 4-H’ers learn about cotton as an agriculture commodity in our state as well as to promote cotton through commercials or PSA’s (public service announcements).
4-H’ers gain skills in making rational decisions when purchasing goods and services while maximizing resources. This judging event gives the student real life situations they will be faced with one day. They will learn how to analyze a situation and make their best judgement on what commodity is the right fit for the senerio.



District Project Achievement

4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H program. From the first Boys Corn Club sharing their crop to today's presentation and portfolios on hundreds of projects, Project Achievement serves to showcase 4-H'ers work and success. Students have the choice of an approved 4-H topic to do their presentation on. They will be encouraged to make a creative presentation (powerpoint, poster, etc.) to demonstrate their topic they are presenting.

Call the office for more information on DPA! We begin working on projects

District Project Achievement (DPA) grades 4th-12th are eligible to compete.

Cloverleaf DPA (4th-6th grade) is held in the Spring of each year.

Junior and Senior DPA (7th-12th) will be held in February each year at Rock Eagle 4-H center.




Community Clover Club (3C's)

The Community Clover Club is a service project for 4th-12th graders to particiapte in. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month after school and during the summer. The students complete service projects such as; car wash, making dog toys, making floral arrangments, book drive, and MUCH more! All of the items they create will be donated to those in need.

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