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Soil Testing

Cost: $10.00 per sample

Instructions for taking soil samples (soil test kit flyer):

  1. With a spade, trowel, auger, or soil sampling tube, take a thin vertical slice of soil from at least 10-20 different places in the area to be tested. Mix thoroughly together, and fill the soil sample bag (provided at the Extension Office) to the "fill line". Two cups of soil is all that is required for this test.
  2. For row crops sample to plow depth; for lawns and turf and pasture surface 4" depth; gardens surface 6" depth; orchards surface 8 to 12" depth; and pecan groves surface 6 to 8" depth. For more detailed information on soil sampling guidelines contact your county Extension office.
  3. One sample should represent no more than 15 acres. If more than one soil type is present within sampling area, take a separate sample from each soil type. Avoid sampling high and low spots, areas along roads, old fence rows, fertilizer bands, etc. Sample problem areas separately.

Water Testing

Please bring a one pint water sample to the Extension Office for basic/expanded testing.

Basic Water Test: ($20) plus postage.

• pH • Hardness • Aluminum • Boron • Cadmium • Calcium • Chromium • Copper • Iron
• Magnesium • Manganese • Molybdenum • Phosphorus • Sodium • Zinc

Expanded Water Test Package: basic + more ($60) plus postage.

• Alkalinity • Conductivity • Saturation Index • Total Dissolved Solids • Silica • Nitrate-N
• Chloride • Fluoride • Sulfate • Phosphate

Additionally, more water testing options are available. Contact the Catoosa County Extension office for more information.

Feeds and Forages

Routine hay and silage: ($20) plus postage. Call the Catoosa Extension at (706) 935-4211 for more details on how to properly take a sample. Samples are best taken with a hay probe that can be signed out at our office.

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