UGA Extension Office

Our Impact

Making A Difference in Our County

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is working hard for its constituents. The following are examples of Extension’s impact in the county over the past year.

4-H Youth Development

The Calhoun County 4-H Club, led by Shanda Ashley, provides various opportunities to the youth of this community to help them learn valuable life skills. Healthy lifestyles and financial literacy lessons are taught during club meetings held in the local schools. 4-H also offers opportunities such as the District Project Achievement competition, summer camp, robotics activities, Project SAFE (Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education) programs, livestock projects, Enviroscape classes and other 4-H events. The Calhoun County 4-H Club raises funds to assist with activity fees. These opportunities help to improve students’ public speaking skills, strengthen their decision-making skills, and enhance their math, science and writing skills.

Family and Consumer Sciences

UGA Extension provides nutrition education programs and educational materials for adults and youth. By improving the overall health habits of Georgians, fewer hospitalizations and medications will be required, reducing health care costs for individuals, taxpayers, small businesses and corporations. Traci Aycock at the county Extension office can provide publications and assist residents in locating appropriate programs in
nearby counties.

Walk Georgia

Through the Walk Georgia program, the UGA Extension office in Calhoun County invites residents, schools or businesses to increase personal physical activity level or to use as a worksite wellness program in a fun, community-oriented way. Individuals or groups can register for this free program online at

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Peanuts, cotton and corn are the predominant crops grown in Calhoun County, and these crops are the main source of income for most farmers in the county. In 2017, the total farm-gate value was reported at more than $98.7 million in Calhoun County. If left uncontrolled, diseases can cause a greater than 50 percent yield reduction in some crops. With the valuable information provided by specialists and from on-farm data, producers, consultants and chemical salesmen can better protect crops. The more effective we are in disease control, the more impact we can have on profits and the economy of Calhoun County. A variety of educational activities have been designed and are being conducted to document yield-loss potential of row crop diseases, test new control programs and educate farmers on these diseases. Effective management and chemical control options are viable tools that all producers in the county must have to protect their crops. Educational programming led by UGA Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent Luke Crosson will also raise awareness among the general public and with public officials about Extension’s efforts and impact.

Healthier Together Calhoun

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) awarded grant funds to UGA for fighting obesity in Calhoun County. As a result, Healthier Together Calhoun began in November 2016, with Calhoun County Extension working with UGA partners to implement community-based strategies to support behavioral and environmental changes for healthy eating and physical activity for children and families. Educational outreach has been conducted through 4-H and Family and Consumer Sciences with the help of a new program assistant, Stacey Williams, supported by the grant. A community coalition meets quarterly to work on established goals, future projects and measuring success.

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