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What is 4-H?

  • State Swine Show
    State Swine Show
  • Children's Farm day
    Children's Farm day
  • 2016 Cloverleaf DPA
    2016 Cloverleaf DPA

What is 4-H?

4-H is an educational youth program focusing on the needs, interests and concerns of young people. Our aim is to help Atkinson youth gain a positive self image, develop social and problem solving skills, and help them grow into productive and confident adults. 4-H members develop leadership and citizenship skills through individual project work, group activities, community service and school meetings. We are the youth division of the UGA Extension program. We provide programming in many areas for students of all backgrounds and interest areas.

Who can join 4-H?

Any youth, ages 9-19 that resides in Atkinson County or attends school in Atkinson County. We offer in school programming to all fifth and sixth graders in public schooling, and monthly after school meetings to all junior and senior members at the extension office. Homeschooled children are also eligible to join!


What is the cost of joining 4-H?

There are no membership dues. Some activities may incur a small fee based on the event.

Extension Lingo

Cloverleaf: Youth in grades 4-6th.

Junior: Youth in grades 7-8th.

Senior: Youth in grades 9-12th.  

Cooperative Extension: Service provided by the state's designated land-grant university that helps assist individuals in agriculture and natural resources, family and consumer sciences, and 4-H youth development.

County Extension Agent: Off-campus UGA faculty members serving Georgia counties by specializing in the areas of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H.

Extension Educator: A member of the Extension staff to help provide program support, teaching, and guidance to the 4-H program. In Atkinson County, our Extension Educator is in charge of the 4-H program and program planning.

Volunteer Leader: Interested parents and leaders who donate their time to help with the county 4-H program. We love volunteers and appreciate their help!