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What is Project F.R.E.E. ?
Project F.R.E.E is a campus-community partnership helping parents develop skills to strengthen the quality of their couple and/or co-parenting relationships. We are also supporting parents in building the capacity to build and manage financial resources.
Parenting Together? The responsibilities of parenting add heavy demands on all couples. Negotiating these changes can often become a source of tension. Our Elevate program provides couples (married or unmarried) with strategies and skills to manage stress and conflict while strengthening your relationship.
Parenting Apart? Parenting together for parents who are apart can be challenging. Our Together We Can program helps single parents develop strategies and skills to manage stress and conflict, promote a positive co-parenting relationship, and develop future healthy romantic relationships.
Both programs are free! These no-cost, 8 hour programs also include a meal and onsite childcare (space is limited) at each class, as well as up to $80 for attending all 4 classes. In addition to elevating your relationships, parents can also participate in research that will help support future programs. Each participant can earn up to $175.00.
Upcoming Classes
These 4-7 week FREE classes will be offered throughout, Clarke, Elbert, Madison, Oconee, and Oglethorpe counties on a rotating basis. Meals and childcare (space is limited) will be provided. See below for specific dates and locations.
Elbert County: Spring 2019, Dates TBD.
Learn More
To learn more about participating in these classes, contact Bemene Piaro, Program Coordinator (Clarke, Elbert, Madison, Oconee, Oglethorpe Counties) at or 706-310-3643.
For more information about Project F.R.E.E. visit

Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant #90FM0081. These services are available to all eligible persons regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or religion.

Walk Georgia

Walk Georgia is a web-based fitness program designed to encourage activity and exercise! Participate individually or within a group.

Radon Education

Radon is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that can cause lung cancer. It occurs naturally and is released into the soil, easily entering buildings through the foundation. The only way to know if you have radon is to test.

UGA Greenway

Tips on how to make environmentally-conscious decisions and live green! 

Food Talk

Make healthy food and lifestyle choices on a budget. This series of eight, interactive lessons includes activities and recipe demonstrations.

Childcare Provider Trainings

UGA Extension provides entity-approved training to help child care providers meet state licensing requirements. Check the calendar for training events near you.

Your Good Credit Series

Establishing, maintaining, and protecting Your Good Credit can save you thousands of dollars over time. This series will teach you the basics of credit reports and scores.

Building Baby's Brain Series

What happens during a child's first few years makes a big difference in the child's later life. This series helps parents learn strategies to improve early brain development.

Diabetes Management 

How to manage diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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Security, Privacy, and Budgeting Apps

Search for budgeting apps for your smartphone and you will find options for almost every type of spender or saver. Budgeting apps can be a helpful money management tool. Be sure to keep your personal and financial information safe by choosing a secure app.

Some apps require you to enter your purchases. Others may require you to enter user names and passwords for your accounts at financial institutions to collect spending information. Apps that do not require users to enter bank account numbers, PINs, or other personal information pose less risk.

Before you download, make sure the app comes from a reputable company. Check reviews of the app. Be skeptical of overly positive comments in app stores. The Federal Trade Commission has sued entities for promoting apps with fake reviews.

Pay attention to prompts when you download the app. Many budgeting apps ask for access to your contacts. A budgeting app should not require access to personal data on your phone in order to operate efficiently.

Even the best apps come with some risks. Frequently check for updates for your budgeting app. Updates often contain security patches that protect your personal information.

Avoid using the same user names and passwords for your budgeting app and online bank accounts. Use strong passwords. A combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols is harder to hack.

If your phone has the option, setting up a PIN adds an additional layer of security for your account information. You may also wish to use a security app to scan your phone, remotely lock your phone, and backup the data on your phone.

Consider how comfortable you are using any financial service. The more accounts you have online, the more vulnerable you are to having your information stolen in a security breach. Close accounts you no longer need or use.

Privacy may be an even bigger issue than security with phone apps.
App companies may sell your information to marketers who track your spending habits and send targeted ads to your smartphone. App providers can change privacy policies without notice.