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Hurricane Irma Storm Preparation for Farmers and Livestock Owners
UGA Cooperative Extension – Elbert County

• It is likely that within the next few days Elbert County Georgia will experience some form of inclement weather from Hurricane Irma. This weather could be in the form of heavy rain, high winds, and flooding. It is not unreasonable to expect power outages with a storm of this nature.
• Livestock and other farm animals are highly dependent on their human caretakers for protection in these extreme circumstances.
• We encourage all farm owners to inspect their properties. Look for potential hazards which may present themselves in the event of high wind or flooding.
• Have all fuel tanks full and additional fuel on hand as a back-up supply for farm equipment and generators. Test all equipment to make sure they work. Make sure fuel storage containers cannot be flooded.
• Have a clean drinking water source for your livestock which can consume 7 to 12 gallons per day per 1000 lbs. of body weight. For those dependent on a well, be prepared to be without that water source for an extended period of time.
• Have a backup food supply on hand. Livestock can consume 20 lbs. of hay per day per 1000 lbs. of body weight. If your grazing land is in flood prone areas, be prepared to supplement a feed source.
• Have extra batteries on hand and make sure your flashlights and weather radios work. Keep your mobile phone charged.
• Have a back-up plan for transportation in the event that you need to move your livestock quickly.
• Stay in touch with your neighbors. They may be your quickest source of assistance in the event you have an emergency. And you may be their best resource as well.
• Plan ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to make decisions or preparations. HOPE FOR THE BEST, BUT PLAN FOR THE WORST!


Additional information about disaster preparedness and storm recovery resources are available at

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