UGA Extension Office

Master 4-Hers

The title of Master 4-Her is awarded to those who place first in a competitive, state level event. Union County is proud to have a long list of Master 4-Hers!

List of Union County 4-H Students who have reached the Masters level in Project Achievement.


              Name                  Category                    Year
 Brian Lance  Beef                    2000             
 Beth Fox  Horse                    2005
 Danielle Schroter  Outdoor Recreation                    2007
 Melissa Lance  Beef                    2008
 Sara Bottinelli  Horse                    2008
 Daniel Kumler  Wildlife Judging                    2012
 Brooks Patterson  Wildlife Judging                    2012
 Holly Harkins  Wildlife Judging                    2012
 Andrew Smith  Housing, Equipment & Environment                    2012
 Katie Rittenhouse  Public Speaking                    2013
 Ansley Burnett  Master Horseman                    2014
 Phillipe Jennings  International                    2014
 Kolbe Nix  Target Sports                    2014
 Madeline Walker  Food Safety & Preservation                    2014
 Abhijit Kheepal  Public Speaking                    2015
 Brooks Patterson  International                    2015
 Gabriella Jennings  Plant & Soil Science                    2016
 Allie Kumler  Pork Production                    2017
 Skylar Miller  Forestry & Wood Science                    2018
 Sage Royston  Family & Consumer Science Scholarship                      2019
 Bailey Rayfield  State Market Steer                    2019