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Commercial Agriculture

Own a commercial farm?

We are the source of unbiased, research-based information for commercial farmers. We would be love to come out and take a look at your operation! We can help with topics like:

  • Developing a budget and forecasting prices
  • Choosing the right varieties to plant
  • Stopping the insects and diseases destroying your crops

Each year, we host a variety of production meetings offered to not only educate and inform growers of current crop information, but to also provide credit hours to maintain current Georgia Private and Commercial Pesticide Applicators licenses. Contact our office for more information.

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Extension Publications

Georgia 2015 Peanut, Cotton and Tobacco Performance Tests (AP 104-7) This research report presents the results of the 2015 statewide performance tests of peanut, cotton, and tobacco. The tests for various evaluations were conducted at several or all of the following locations: Bainbridge, Tifton, Plains and Midville in the Coastal Plain region and Athens in the Piedmont region. Agronomic information such as grade, fiber data, plant height, lodging, disease occurrence, etc., is listed along with the yield data. Information concerning planting and harvest dates, soil type, and culture and fertilization practices used in each trial is included in footnotes.
2015 Georgia Corn Performance Tests (AP 101-7) In this research report, the results of the 2015 corn performance trials are presented. Short-season and mid-season hybrids were planted at Tifton, Plains, and Midville in the Coastal Plain region, at Griffin in the Piedmont region, at Calhoun in the Limestone Valley region, and at Blairsville in the Mountain region. Hybrids used for silage were evaluated at Tifton, Griffin, Calhoun, and Blairsville.
2014-2015 Georgia Small Grain Performance Tests (AP 100-7) Results of the 2014-2015 performance tests of small grains grown for grain and forage are printed in this research report. Grain evaluation studies were conducted at five locations in Georgia, including Tifton, Plains, and Midville in the Coastal Plain region; Griffin in the Piedmont region; and Calhounin the Limestone Valley region. Small grain forage evaluation tests were conducted at four locations in Georgia, which included Tifton and Plains in the Coastal Plain region, Griffin in the Piedmont region and Calhoun in the Limestone Valley region, and at Marianna, Florida.