UGA Extension Office

4-H Forms

Enrollment Form

4-H'ers must complete an enrollment card in order to be a member of a 4-H program. This form needs to be completed annually. The enrollment form is kept on file at the County Extension Office. All 4-H'ers are expected to enroll as members of 4-H in the county where they attend school or live full time. In situations where 4-H'ers would like to become a 4-H member in a county other than their school system or residing county, a formal change of membership request must be made.

Enrollment Form (PDF)


Medical Information and Release Form

The Georgia 4-H Program takes it's obligation to provide responsible and reasonable care of each 4-H member seriously. This form provides the 4-H'ers detailed medical information and health history. This form is critical to any and all events that the 4-H'er attends. Signatures of the parent/guardian are required for completion. 4-H'ers may not be given any medication that is not indicated on this form unless medication is prescribed or administered by a trained medical professional.

Medical Information and Release ForM (PDF)  


Medication Form

Medication forms are necessary for any 4-H'er that is participating in a 4-H activity or event and takes daily scheduled medications. This form ensures that the 4-H'er will have their medications delivered on time, safely, and correctly.

Medication ForM (PDF)

Code of Conduct

4-H'ers and their parents/guardians sign the Georgia 4-H Code of Conduct prior the 4-H'er participating in any 4-H activities or event off the 4-H'ers school campus. This document is valid for one year and includes the minimum standard for behavior. As outlined in the Code of Conduct, 4-H'ers are expected to exhibit positive character and behavior including (but not limited to) trustworthiness, responsibility, respectfulness, caring, citizenship, and fairness. The 4-H Code of Conduct should be reviewed by the parent/guardian with 4-H'ers prior to the beginning of a 4-H activity or event. This includes not only consequences of misbehavior but also expected behavior.

Code of ConducT (PDF)


Printed copies of these forms can be obtained at the Mitchell County 4-H Office. 

Other forms and Spanish translations of most forms can be located on the Georgia 4-H website.