UGA Extension Office

Testing Services

We provide soil sample testing, water testing, feed and forage testing, plant disease testing and more.  

As a general rule soil sample 1/3 of your pastures each year and sample your hay fields every year.

Soil Samples

Cost for Routine Soil Samples

1 - 3 Samples - $10.00 each

4 or more Samples - $ 8.00 each

Bring your sample by the office and we will send it to the UGA Soil Testing and Plant Analysis Lab for analysis of your soil. We can now e-mail your results to you for quicker turn around time. 

Need to know the correct way to collect soil samples or have general questions visit the UGA Extension website.

Soil Testing for Home Lawns, Gardens, and Wildlife Food Plots

Water Samples

Water samples are now $24.00. Routine mineral analysis of your water is available as well as other tests. Drop by for a container to take your sample.

Take the sample between a 6-12 hour period during in which time there was no water usage. Early morning or evenings upon returning home are the best sampling times. A kitchen or bathroom cold water faucet is to be used for sampling.

Testing for Water Quality

  • W33B - Home Loan Closing Water test: (Bacteria, Lead, Nitrite, and Nitrate) $95.00 ( $85.00 test & $10.00 overnight shipping label) Note: Special sampling instructions, please contact our office for more information.  706-672-4235.

Bacteria Tests (Total Coliform and Escherichia coli)

Bacteria tests are available on your water. Cost is $46 includes overnight shipping. Please come by our office for the test kit to use & instructions for this test.

Contact our office for more testing services.

You may also contact the Meriwether County Health Department/Environmental Health Division to check for bacteria in your water.

Arsenic and Uranium testing in water is now available.

Please contact our office for the proper sampling protocol and prices on your water samples.