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Georgia Commercial and Private Pesticide Licenses

Interested in getting a pesticide license? You may now take the Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Exam on line by following the step-by-step instructions.

Visit the Georgia Commercial Pesticide Applicator's Testing Information Website for commercial exam information and registration.

Extension Publications
Cutting Costs, Not Corners: Managing Cattle in Tough Times (B 1373) Cutting costs allows producers to survive during trying times and also teaches valuable lessons that may actually increase profits in future years. Cutting corners, on the other hand, may save some money in the short-run but ultimately will have very detrimental effects.
Preparing the Packinghouse for Peach Season (C 880) The southeastern peach industry is known for the high quality of its fresh peaches. As a new peach season approaches, it is time to ready the packinghouse for output of the best peach product.
Simple Tree Training Technique for Peaches (C 878) A relatively new peach tree training system is being adopted by some southeastern peach growers; it is an easy, low-maintenance system that can be used even in the home orchard.
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