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Welcome to Jackson County 4-H's Volunteer Resources page! There are so many reasons people are motivated to volunteer, ranging from developing a deeper relationship with their local community to being involved with a cause they care about. At Jackson County 4-H, we rely on our volunteers to help us carry out our mission by empowering youth through learning and leadership opportunities that help develop their confidence, independence, and skillsets. By volunteering with us, you'll help to foster an environment of inclusivity and growth for our 4-Hers. Additionally, your mentorship will help them to feel supported and challenged as they embark on new experiences.

For additional information about the history of Georgia 4-H, an overview of Georgia 4-H programs, and essential elements of 4-H youth development, please visit Georgia 4-H's "Getting Started" page for volunteers.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, current volunteer opportunities with 4-H are TBD. All updates will be posted on this page and sent out in our volunteer newsletter. However, you are still able to register as a new volunteer at this time. We will follow up with more information as it becomes available.

Starting Your Volunteer Experience

Please see the graphic below in order to begin the process of becoming a volunteer with Jackson County 4-H. The following forms will need to be completed and emailed to us in order to complete your volunteer application. 

How to Become a Volunteer


We want to hear from you!

Your opinions about how we can improve our programs are greatly important to us. If you have a moment, please take a few brief minutes to complete any surveys relevant to you or your needs below. We thank you for your time and really appreciate your responses!

Anonymous Feedback & Questions Survey
If you have any feedback or questions you would like to pass on to us, submit them here. This survey is anonymous, but you are able to leave your contact information if you would like us to follow-up with you and discuss your feedback or question further.

Volunteer Quotes, Stories, & Testimonies Survey
If you have had a positive experience with Jackson County 4-H, fill out this survey in order to share your experience with others!

Unsubscribe Volunteer Survey

We have all been forced to make difficult adjustments lately due to COVID-19; therefore, we understand if now is not the best time for you to be investing in Jackson County 4-H. If you would like to be removed from our volunteer list at any point, please fill out this survey. You will always be part of the Jackson County 4-H family and are welcome back at anytime! We would not be where we are without our volunteers.