UGA Extension Office

Private Pesticide Applicator License

Steps to Obtain Your Private Applicator License 

1.      Purchase course access for the Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Training Program. Step by step instructions on how to purchase access to the training, Click Here.

  •          To go to the storefront where you can purchase access to the course, Click Here

2.      Complete the training course with a passing grade of 70% or higher

3.      Print the Certificate of Completion, and complete the Private Pesticide Application with Verification of Lawful Presence if needed.  You will need to complete an Affidavit with a notary present.

4.      Take application form, Affidavit, Certificate of Completion, and driver’s license back to the County Extension Office.

5.      The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Division will review your application, and when approved, send it to the Licensing Division who will print and issue your license in 3-4 weeks. 


Private pesticide licenses are ONLY for agricultural use. If you are charging for your pesticide application services, you are in need of a Commercial Pesticide License. If neither of these apply to you or you have any questions on which license you require, give our office a call at 706-376-3134. 


For More Information on Private Applicator Licenses