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Judging Teams


Poultry Judging - Spring Event 

In poultry judging, students will learn how to examine and grade eggs for exterior quality, as well as broken out and candling for internal quality. Students will learn to identify the butcher cuts of ready to cook poultry as well as how to grade ready to cook meats. They will also learn to identify the physical characteristics which indicate that a hen is a quality producer of eggs. 


Forestry Judging - Spring & Fall Event 


The 4-H Forestry Judging Team in Hart County has a long winning record and has represented the State of Georgia at the National Contest for many years.  The team has continued to practice during the summer months to prepare themselves for competition. District & State Forestry Competitions are held in September.  


Cotton Boll & Consumer Judging - Fall Event

Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging is a 8 week study of consumer skills (teaching you how to spend your money wisely). We will learn little "secrets" of many different items to help you decide when selecting between the hundreds of different brands and services to find the one that "will give you the most bang for your buck"!