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Testing Services

Soil Testing:

Soil samples are priced at $6.00 per sample payable by cash or check. One sandwich bag full of soil free of rocks, and twigs, etc. is needed for each separate area. The sample that is submitted should be made up of several random samples taken across the area. Take the sample approximately 6" deep for a garden and an approximate depth of 4" for a lawn. Mix all of the random samples in a bucket and fill one sandwich bag full from that collective sample. Samples must be delivered to the Extension Office. Testing may take up to 10-14 days. We will mail you the results via U.S. Post Office or e-mail. Please contact our office with any questions about this procedure.

Water Testing:

UGA's Basic Water Test is priced at $23.00 payable by cash or check. Please collect your sample from the first draw of the day, in a clean, clear, lidded container. Basic water testing will reveal pH and hardness as well as determine traces of 15 different elements.

For more extensive testing including E. coli and bacteria testing, please contact our office for further information on testing prices and procedures.

  • Basic Water Test - $23
  • E. Coli Test - $46
  • Expanded Water Test - $63
  • Home Loan Closing Water Test - $95 (with PH add additional $5)

Other Testing Services:

Feed & Forage Analyses
Animal Wastes Analyses
Plant Tissue
Biosolids, Sludge and Non-Animal Wastes

Soil sample bags and water sampling bottles are available at the Burke County Extension office.


Please contact the Extension office at (706) 554-2119 if you have questions on other testing services.