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Judging Teams

This year, we will be offering the following teams:


Land Judging - We all depend on soil for survival! Georgia 4-H Land Judging is preparing youth to protect and improve land through leadership training and a state competition. This program gives youth an appreciation for soil and the opportunity to learn soil structure, power of erosion, classification and proper land treatment. Georgia 4-H Land Judging teaches youth how to evaluate soils and understand best land uses in a fun, hand-on environment. Land Judging is all about doing! Youth determine soil properties by getting their hands dirty. Students from cities, town and rural areas can enjoy and excel in Land Judging. A farm background might be helpful, but it certainly isn’t necessary.  Practices start in the summer with the competition in late August.


Forestry Judging - Forestry Field Day gets 4-H’ers outside learning fundamental skills that foresters use each day to manage our forests to provide wood products, wildlife habitats, clean air and scenic views. Youth learn to identify up to 70 tree species found in Georgia and learn about some of the most common insects and diseases that impact our forests. Pacing and compass skills are honed. These skills, along with using specialized forestry tools, allow youth to estimate timber volume. Practices start in the summer with the contest in early September.


Wildlife Judging - Georgia 4-H wildlife judging gives 4-H’ers an appreciation for wildlife and challenges them to manage wildlife habitat and preserve this valuable resource. Practices start in late August with the contest in late October.


Dairy Judging - Georgia 4-H Dairy Judging gives students the opportunity to learn about the different breeds of dairy cattle and the desirable traits of each of those breeds. Students place 5 classes of four animals and prepare a set of reasons defending why they placed them in a specific order. Students learn public speaking and decision making skills. Practices start in late January with the contest in early April. 


Poultry Judging - Poultry judging is an evaluation event in which students learn and understand standards used in poultry and egg production and marketing, and to apply the standards in a realistic decision-making situation. During the contest, participants judge both live specimens and market poultry, identify parts of birds already prepared for market, and evaluate eggs as to their quality and readiness for market. For at least one class, typically a live production class, participants are asked to justify their placing decisions through a set of oral reasons. Practices start in early March with the contest in middle April.


Dairy Quiz Bowl - In the double elimination style quiz bowl, 4-H members learn not only livestock science related subject matter, but the valuable skills of contributing to a group effort, teamwork, learning to learn, critical thinking, planning, organization, cooperating and communicating. Students learn about all aspects of dairy related material and compete in this game-show like competition! Practices start in April with the contest in early June.


Food Challenge - This contest challenges teams of 4-H members to create a dish using only a predetermined set of ingredients. From these ingredients, team members must identify and prepare a dish, then make a presentation about it to the judges. Practices start in July with the contest in early September.


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