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Making A Difference in Our County

We're working hard for the citizens we serve. Here are some examples of successful projects from the past year:


With approximately 28,000 acres planted in 2016, cotton not only produces the county’s largest farm gate value, but also comprises almost 60 percent of all row crop acreage in the county. In cotton production, the most economically important decision a producer makes each year is cotton variety selection. Because Georgia agriculture varies greatly across the state, producers place a premium on locally produced variety information. Because of this need, Pulaski County's UGA Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources agent coordinated a replicated, large-plot field study to identify varieties that produce high yields in the area. Fourteen varieties were planted in the trial and evaluated for yield and fiber quality. Pest control is another area of cotton production that needed continued emphasis through applied research. Thrips are a primary pest in Georgia cotton production and have been shown to decrease yields across the state. A field study was conducted to evaluate three control treatments for thrips: two in-furrow insecticide treatments and an insecticidal seed treatment. This field experiment provided valuable information on thrips control practices that could save many Pulaski County cotton growers input costs in the future. Since the onset of glyphosate-resistant palmer amaranth in Georgia, cotton growers have had to rely heavily on pre-emergence herbicides to combat this weed. Pre-emergence herbicides also increase potential crop injury in the seedling stage. A field study was set up in collaboration with weed scientists at Auburn University to investigate the effects of these herbicides on seedling cotton. Thirteen herbicide treatments were evaluated to determine their effects on cotton in Pulaski County's light sandy soils.


Camp is an integral part of 4-H. The camping experience helps create a firm foundation for youth to learn, grow and accomplish the extraordinary. Pulaski County schools receive 100 percent free breakfast and lunches due to the high percentage of youth and families in poverty in the community. Georgia 4-H is a positive development outlet for youth in Pulaski County, and summer camp is a highlight. Pulaski County 4-H wanted a way to financially help 4-H’ers attend camp beyond the few normal scholarships given by the community. Camp costs are high, and many families just simply cannot afford the price. A new, concerted effort was found to help more youth experience camp, and Pulaski County 4-H met and exceeded its camp quota. Pulaski County 4-H implemented the $10 Challenge and solicited local businesses for scholarship money to send youth to Georgia 4-H summer camp in 2015 and 2016. Over $5,500 was raised in two years to provide approximately 20 youths with the opportunity to attend summer camp through full or partial camp scholarships. Summer camp is impactful, and the experiences that happen at camp set a foundation for skills that help 4-H’ers over their lifetime: independence, mastery, belonging and generosity. A parent said, “My child loved 4-H camp. She was able to spend quality time with friends, make brand-new friends, go to new places across Georgia and learn new things all in one location. All of this happened because of 4-H, and it will stay with her for a lifetime!” Summer 4-H camp does impact youth far beyond the summer, and Pulaski County is proud to give youth opportunities to develop lifelong skills and create lifetime memories!

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