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(All files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.)

  • Atoms and Changes (PowerPoint)
    Playing Jeopardy to learn about matter, atoms, parts of atoms and changes.
  • Cell Organelle Review Game
    This is a quick and easy game that students can play to review the organelles inside of a both plant and animal cells. Students will use the definition to identify the appropriate cell structure and its role inside the cell. They also will identify if these structures are present in both plant and animal cells.
  • Eye Safety: When Your Goggles are Gone and Nowhere to be Found!
    When your goggles are gone and nowhere to be found! An exercise in lab safety.
  • Food Pyramid
    Students develop an understanding that a human body needs food to function properly. Students will identify food categories used in the USDA food pyramid and chart the foods eaten during one day, describing how well they adhere to the food pyramid.
  • Force, Friction, Speed, and Acceleration (PowerPoint)
    Playing jeopardy to learn about force, friction, speed, and acceleration.
  • Formulas Poker
    Studying the concepts of balancing charge and naming chemical compounds.
  • Homer's Forbidden Donut: A Gel Electrophoresis exercise
    This activity is used to explain the concept behind gel electrophoresis. Students work in groups to determine who committed a crime by taking a bite out of Homer Simpson's forbidden donut.
  • Meiosis Game
    The objective of this activity is for the students to learn all the phases in meiosis. This will be done by utilizing the students as structures in cell division (chromitids) and having them go through the actual phases of meiosis, going from one large cell to four smaller cells.
  • Physics Olympics
    In this review activity, students complete several short athletic events before analyzing the physics involved in each event.
  • Understanding How Vaccines Work
    Students will develop a more complete understanding of how vaccines work by reviewing the body's methods of protecting itself from foreign substances that invade the body. Students will further their understanding by creating a detailed poster describing different types of vaccines.