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Cloverleaf Project Achievement

Webster County 4-H Brings home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze! 

  • Cloverleaf DPA Jitters
    Cloverleaf DPA Jitters
  • 4th in Ag Awareness
    4th in Ag Awareness
  • 2nd in Crafts
    2nd in Crafts
  • 1st in General Recreation
    1st in General Recreation
  • 2nd in Rabbits
    2nd in Rabbits
  • 2nd in Outdoor Recreation
    2nd in Outdoor Recreation
  • After Cloverleaf DPA Pictures
    After Cloverleaf DPA Pictures
  • 2nd in Wildlife
    2nd in Wildlife
  • 1st in Geology
    1st in Geology

Awards brought home by our 4-H'ers

  • 1st in the Geology project, talking about the Four Layers of the Earth.
  • 4th in the Agriculture Awareness project and talked about tractor safety.
  • 2nd in the Rabbits project, discussing the European Rabbit.
  • 2nd in the Wildlife project, talking about Bald Eagles.
  • 2nd in the Crafts project and talked about how to make homemade doll clothes.
  • 2nd in the Outdoor Recreation project, talking about Outdoor Cooking.
  • 1st in the General Recreation project with her speech on Porcelain Dolls.

4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H Program. From the first Boys' Corn Club sharing their crop to today's presentations and portfolios on hundreds of topics, Project Achievement serves to showcase 4-H'ers work and success.

If you or your 4th - 6th grader are interested in doing a project, please contact us. The next Cloverleaf Project Achievement will be held in March 2022.

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