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Three River Blog
Freeze Injury to Wheat Posted by Jeff Cook on May 1, 2023 It looks like peaches and strawberries were not the only crops that got hit hard by two March freezes. Damage to the middle Georgia wheat crop is more severe than I intially thought it would be. Damage to wheat from sub freezing temperatures on the 16th and then again on the 21st of March is […]
Row Crop Disease Meeting Posted by Jeff Cook on Apr 20, 2023 We have one more meeting with some timely information on diseases of agronomic crops.
Using Pesticides Wisely Posted by Jeff Cook on Feb 14, 2023 As mandated by federal labels, one must hold a private or commercial pesticide applicator license to purchase and use the restricted use herbicides Engenia, XtendiMax, and Tavium. Use is limited to ONLY those persons holding a private or commercial applicator certification.  To get all the information on new rules and see the schedule of upcoming UPW trainings […]
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Peach Blog
Borer management – trunk application options Posted by Blaauw on Jul 10, 2023 With all the issues that have occurred this season, I just want to remind everyone that peachtree and lesser peachtree borer management is still important for the continued health of your orchards. While mating disruption for borers is still highly effective as a management strategy under certain situations, it is completely understandable if such an […]
Update from the field: San Jose scale second peak Posted by Blaauw on Jun 18, 2023 San Jose scale crawlers are beginning to pick back up. Following the degree day (DD) timing starting at February 1st using a base of 51oF and a max of 90oF, at this point last year we had accumulated 1,884 DD and this year we are at 1,828 DD, so we are not too far off […]
IMPORTANT SURVEY – Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in Tree Crop Production Posted by Blaauw on Apr 6, 2023 Greetings everyone, I hope this post finds everyone well. I am part of a new multi-state research proposal to continue to improve management of brown marmorated stink bugs in tree crops. However, a lot of research has been done on this pest n the past, so I would like to better understand growers’ needs and […]
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Pecan Blog
Update on Pecan Damage from Hurricane Idalia Posted by Lenny Wells on Sep 1, 2023 From the information we’ve been able to gather so far, the worst damage to pecans from Idalia seems to be from the SW corner of Georgia around Bainbridge along the state line, through Thomas and Brooks counties into Valdosta, then up through Berrien/Cook/Irwin and from there over to Ware and Pierce Counties. Going North of […]
Initial Assessment of Hurricane Idalia Damage to Georgia Pecan Crop Posted by Lenny Wells on Aug 31, 2023 Georgia pecan growers have suffered another blow from mother nature. Hurricane Idalia entered Georgia near Valdosta as a Category 1 Hurricane with maximum wind speeds of 90 mph. Early inquiries into damage to pecan orchards from the storm suggest that the area between southern Brooks and Lowndes county received some of the worst damage, with […]
Late Season Things to Think About Posted by Lenny Wells on Aug 14, 2023 We’re getting near the end but still have a little ways to go on the 2023 pecan crop. Most growers are tired of spending money and ready to see it start flowing back in. But, don’t let your guard down yet. August is a critical month for pecan trees. Here are some things you may […]
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Strawberry Blog
Strawberry Webinar Series Posted by Jeff Cook on Sep 13, 2023 Clemson University has put together a webinar series for strawberry growers with good timely topics. Click here to register. See the flyer for details. For Georgia Pesticide Credits contact me at
Strawberry Pest Management Strategic Plan (PMSP) Survey Posted by Phil Brannen on Aug 29, 2023 Please see below for a letter and survey link associated with an updated Strawberry Pest Management Strategic Plan. I just ran through the survey, and it is quick. I hate surveys and normally delete them as quickly as possible, but this one is important to the future of research for the southeastern regional strawberry industry. […]
Neopestalotiopsis Observed in Georgia Posted by Phil Brannen on Apr 7, 2023 It is back. Unfortunately, we do have one site that has substantial disease from Neopestalotiopsis (Neo for short). Also unfortunately, it is difficult to confirm this disease without microscopy and viewing the spores that are produced in leaf and fruit lesions. Neo looks like anthracnose on fruit, several leaf spots, and Phytophthora root rot — […]
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