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The University of Georgia Taylor County Cooperative Extension Office extends lifelong learning to Georgia citizens through unbiased, research-based education in agriculture, the environment, communities, youth and families.  

Taylor County faculty and trained support staff provide educational programs as well as a number of ag testings  services to the citizens of Taylor County.   Our Ag agent provides unbiased, research-based info that helps clients make critical decisions.  Extension recommendations focus on maximizing production and profit, while minimizing environmental impacts.  Our 4-H Program Assistant creates and organizes youth educational programs including competitive events which will assist young people to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills through experiential learning. We also provide information to help citizens live healthier lives through home food preservation, and assistance with diets for seniors and diabetics.  

UGA Extension operates through a unique partnership with Taylor County, the University of Georgia, the State of Georgia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Backed up by specialists and a network of resources, Extension Agents have been on the job in Georgia since 1914.

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Upcoming Events
  • Mar 1 - Mar 4 NE District Jr/Sr Project Achievement 4-H Project Achievement
    • Eatonton, GA - (73.0 Miles)
  • Mar 4 Soil Health Field Day The Global Growers farm team will share three years of organic soil improvement strategies, and expert soil scientists will take a deeper dive into testing methods, reading results, and the art of matching improvement strategies to the specific needs of different soil types. An overview of USDA and local Extension Resources that support soil health will be provided. This field day will be highly valuable for: - Crop producers looking for ways to improve their soil’s fertility - Growers curious about what cover crop mixes would work best for them - Farmers interested in learning more about organic soil inputs and how to best apply them - Growers who want to learn from soil lab scientists the best methods for taking soil samples - Anyone who wants to better understand the principles of organic soil health practices This educational field day is co-hosted by Global Growers Network and Sihi Biogeochemistry Lab with support from the UGA Extension.
    • Conyers, GA - (79.0 Miles)
  • Mar 4 GrassMasters GrassMasters is a 7-session series focusing on forage production in Georgia. Topics include Introduction to Forages, Grazing Management, Hay Production, Forage Quality, Fertilization, Pest Management, Rainfall Simulation and using Precision Ag in Forages. The training will be held every Monday and Thursday in March with the exception of March 14th.
    • Perry, GA - (33.0 Miles)
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