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Our Impact

Despite the ever-changing situations of 2020 regarding COVID-19, the Lincoln County Extension Office has been hard at work making a measurable impact on the community. Read on to learn more about our work in 2020.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

The data from the 2019 Farm Gate Value Report states that Lincoln County Agriculture is valued at approximately 12.1 million dollars. The top commodities in Lincoln County are livestock including beef, horses, goats, sheep, pork, and apiaries (32%), forage production (22%), and forestry and timber (14%). Other areas of impact are quail production (11%), hunting leases (10%), and agritourism (8%). Lincoln County Extension’s focus is to provide information and expertise, soil, water, feed and forage analyses, insect and disease diagnosis through office and farm visits. In 2020, Lincoln County had a total of 2341 face-to-face contacts, 1850 emails, 543 phone calls, and over 47 on-site consultations. The Extension office submitted 146 samples for testing: 17 feed/forage, 17 microbiology, 86 soil, and 26 water. Test results were accompanied by free publications and specific recommendations for each producer based on their needs. The Lincoln County ANR Agent gave over 49 presentations, attended over 6 educational events, and wrote over 52 newspaper articles. There were three primary ANR programs hosted by Lincoln County Extension in 2020. The Hobby Flock Seminar Series reached over 265 individuals with information on how to select, care for, and protect small and backyard flocks. The UGA Horse Owner’s Seminar Series reached over 286 registrants with information on equine management topics such as body condition scoring, feeds and feeding, and pasture management. These two programs won several awards at a regional and state level through the Northeast District and Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents and are both submitted as candidates for national awards in 2021. A final program from 2020 was the Sportfish Pond Management program that reached 14 attendees with information on how to manage, stock, and fertilize ponds for fish populations. A final success of the ANR program was the selection for a $10,000 grant through Georgia Power for a nature trail and outdoor classroom at the new Lincoln County Agriculture Center.

4-H Youth Development

Due to COVID-19 and staffing issues, the Lincoln County 4-H program reduced its efforts to our core mission- provide club meetings and educational opportunities to students in a safe and effective manner. For the August 1st 2019-July 31, 2020 year, Lincoln County 4-H had a total of 300 students enrolled. Due to the number of virtual students in the Lincoln County School District who were not eligible to participate in a club, enrollment for 2020 was approximately half that of 2019. For the August 1st 2020- July 31, 2021 4-H year, Lincoln County 4-H had a total of 120 students enrolled. Due to restrictions on in-person events, Lincoln County 4-H met almost exclusively in-school during 2020, with the exception of January-February 2020 and our fall homeschool club meetings. Our total 4-H events in 2020 included over 25 in-school club meetings for 5th-12th graders, 6 homeschool club meetings, 4 club interest meetings, and our traditional preparation and involvement in Project Achievement.

The Lincoln County Annual Fund had success in for the 2019-2020 sponsorship year with donor support of over $3250 in sponsorships and $1339 in fundraisers. Fundraisers are used to offset costs of sending 4-H’ers to DPA and summer camp, however all summer activities were cancelled for Lincoln County 4-H’ers in 2020. Fundraiser funds will be used in spring of 2021 on materials for in-school club meetings and other 4-H expenses.

Family and Consumer Science

A wide variety of free UGA Extension Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) publications are available at the county office. Questions relating to FACS topics can be outsourced to neighboring counties with FACS agents as needed.

Download Our Annual Report (pdf)