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Lanier County 4-H Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2022!

This year, we had 20 entries in the 4th annual Lanier County 4-H Pumpkin Decorating Contest. The contest gives 4-Her’s an opportunity to express their creativity and artistic talents. Art exploration is not only fun and entertaining but also educational. Art allows youth to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life, but also for learning. Skills youth practice when participating in art activities include: fine motor skills, cognitive development, math and language skills. In addition to helping youth develop important skills, art is also good for overall health and well-being. Giving students a creative outlet can help relieve stress and work through things happening in their lives. By encouraging artistic expression, we can help facilitate learning.

The following 4-Her’s participated in the contest: Aspynn Sturges, Kayne Spires, Caidyn Gyr, Remi Booth, Lexi Paige, Jaxson Bolling, Ellie Abbatiello, Erin Stone, Jason Liu, Finn Stegall, Sophie Browning, Kailey Spikes, Cannon Darsey, Kierston Mekiney, Allie Roberts, Tiana Fudge, Issie Whitfield, Hailey Kronk, Laney Mills and Chasey Chadwick.
4th grade winners – Most Creative (tie): Remi Booth (Poppy) and Lexie Paige (Sprinkles), Scariest: Jaxson Bolling (Frankiestein), Funniest: Ellie Abbatiello (Mr. Flump Nugget), Cutest: Erin Stone (Moony the Macaroon Cat).

5th grade – Scariest: Finn Stegall (Boba Fett), Funniest: Jason Liu (Day of the Rotten Pumpkin), Cutest: Sophie Browning (Book).

6th grade – Most Creative: Kierston Mekiney (Boo Village), Scariest: Allie Roberts (Superstition), Funniest: Tiana Fudge (Ruthie Curly Q’), Cutest: Issie Whitfield (Mooretta Lynn).

7th grade – Most Creative: Hailey Kronk (Cinderella’s Carriage), Scariest: Laney Mills (Mouth of the South).

8th grade – Most Creative: Chasey Chadwick (Moo-Dy the Cow).

Overall Best in Show was awarded to Kierston Mekiney (Boo Village).

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