UGA Extension Office

Statewide Conferences

In lieu of State 4-H Council this year, there will be a new event held....THE Senior Event.  There will be limited space, so register soon!

The Senior Event

Weekend In The Classic City - Calling all highschool 4Hers! Make plans to attend November 13th-14th! This will be an opportunity to make plans for higher education, learn more about the college process, get some fun goodies, and ensure you can be prepared to succeed!  

Junior Conference - This statewide leadership conference is open to 6th & 8th graders and is held at Rock Ragle 4-H Center November 20th-21st. (See video to the right to learn more about Junior Conference.)

Fall Forum - This conference is open to all 9th-12th grade 4-Her's and is held at Rock Eagle 4-H Center December 11th-12th.  Fall Forum is a recreational and educational opportunity with a mix of workshops and educational sessions.