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  • Reducing Food Waste Reducing Food Waste Consumers hold high standards for fresh food, which farmers aim to meet, but hot summer temperatures and long-haul deliveries can degrade quality even before produce makes it into stores and shipment rejection is a familiar reality in the horticultural industry. By Emily Cabrera | Published: 6/1/2023
  • Improved PFAS Treatments Improved PFAS Treatments University of Georgia researchers in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the College of Engineering find improved, cost-effective treatment systems with advanced technologies for removing polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water, wastewater and biosolids. By Emily Cabrera | Published: 5/23/2023
  • Flour Recall Flour Recall Safe handling of raw flour is the key to avoiding the risk of foodborne illness. By Carla Luisa Schwan | Published: 5/17/2023
  • Managing Stress Managing Stress Bad stress feels overwhelming, like a pileup, and long-term stressors can lead to negative health effects. By Jennifer Dunn | Published: 5/15/2023
  • Micro Roses Micro Roses Roses are among the most popular flower throughout the year for many consumers, but the florist favorite faces a host of potential dangers between breeding and bouquet, including rose rosette disease, a mite-borne virus fatal to domestic roses. By Jordan Powers | Published: 5/10/2023
  • Southern SARE Southern SARE UGA leads a consortium of institutions in administering the Southern SARE (SSARE) program, including Fort Valley State University in middle Georgia and the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Oklahoma. By Maria M. Lameiras | Published: 5/9/2023
  • Home Food Preservation Home Food Preservation Interest in preserving food can be driven by several factors, ranging from the pursuit of a hobby or recreational activity to continuing a family tradition to saving money. By Carla Luisa Schwan | Published: 5/8/2023
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