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The importance of agriculture in Crisp County’s economy is exemplified by its annual Farm Gate value exceeding $99 million dollars annually over the past few years. Preserving and improving the production of the diverse array of commodities grown in the county is the top priority for Crisp’s Agricultural and Natural Resource (ANR) Program. This priority also spills over into assisting with our homeowners in ornamental, garden and turfgrass management.

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Services & Data:

Soil Sampling & Water Testing

Soil sample bag

Our office with compile soil samples and ship them off to the lab in Athens for various analyses. A routine test, which will tell you the N,P,K and pH, etc. of a sample costs $6. For other nutrients and compounds that can be tested, as well as their prices, please refer to the fee schedule linked below (water testing prices are also included):

Interactive Fee Schedule

Pesticide Applicators License

- Private License Training 

- Commercial License Training 

Bring your certificate, after completing your training, to the Extension office with your driver's license. At the office we'll have an application and affidavit to complete. After which we'll send your paperwork to the Georgia Department of Agriculture for approval.  

Farm Gate Value Report

Annual reports aggregated by County Agents from various statistical sources including: FSA, NASS, USDA and GFC. These reports display values for the many agricultural commodities statewide, and at a county level, that are pivotal to Georgia's economy. 

2021 Farm Gate Report Document 

2021 Farm Gate Report by County

To contact Joshua Grant, Crisp Co ANR Agent, please fill out the inquiry boxes below.