Watermelon is a warm-season crop related to cantaloupe, squash, cucumber and pumpkin. Watermelons can be grown on any well-drained soil throughout Georgia but are particularly well adapted to the Coastal Plain soils of South Georgia. Watermelons will continue to be an important part of vegetable production in the state. Increases in average yield per acre will continue as more growers adopt plastic mulch, intensive management and new hybrid varieties.

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Published on Nov 01, 1999
Unpublished/Removed on Feb 24, 2009
Published with Full Review on Mar 13, 2013
Published with Full Review on Jan 04, 2014
Published with Full Review on Aug 01, 2017

Tim Coolong Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables, Horticulture Darbie M. Granberry Extension Horticulturist - Vegetables, Horticulture
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