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Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Leaders are the backbone of the 4-H program in Coffee County and all of Georgia. With the diverse program that is offered by Georgia 4-H, there is no way that the staff of the UGA Extension office can plan, carry out, and chaperone every 4-H event that is offered. That’s why it is crucial that we have good volunteers who are willing to step up and take a leadership role in the 4-H program.

4-H volunteers must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible to serve. The local 4-H office must have a 4-H Volunteer Leader Application and a 4-H Volunteer Leader Agreement on file in order for a person to be considered for a volunteer position. This application asks for three references. These three references must be contacted by the Extension staff to check that person’s character. They must also undergo a screening interview. The University of Georgia requires all volunteers to undergo a background check. All of this must be done in order to clear a person to help with an activity. Additionally, a volunteer must also go through a training course offered by the local Extension office. Effective February 1, 2014, all Certified Chaperons must also complete the Georgia 4-H Risk Management Training online and score 100% on their responses to remain in service as a chaperon. A copy of the results must be printed, signed, and turned in to the Extension office to be added to the volunteer's file.

As you can see, there are several necessary steps in order to be cleared as a 4-H volunteer. Please don’t wait until the last minute and miss out on your chance to serve as a chaperone with your child on a 4-H adventure. Sign up today to become a volunteer by completing a 4-H Volunteer Leader Application. The form is available on the Coffee County 4-H website at “” under the “4-H Forms” section.

We look forward to having you on board the “GREEN TEAM”.

Volunteer Leader Jobs

Fundraising Leaders – help compile donor list, prepare mailing, contact donors, and raise funds for 4-H program.

Project Achievement Leaders - help with demonstration & portfolio preparation for all levels of project competition. Demonstration preparation includes helping proofread speeches, assist 4-H member in making visuals, etc. A portfolio is a compiled record of the 4-H member's accomplishments for the year in their project area, leadership, community service, and other community involvement.

Judging Team Leaders – coordinate, plan, and set up for judging event practices. Programs available include Cotton Boll & Consumer Jamboree, Forestry, Horse, Land, Livestock, or Poultry.

Target Sports Leaders - serve as a coach to train 4-H members for competition and take members to competitions. Target Sports Coaches must complete the Georgia 4-H SAFE Coaches Certification Training.

Fair Project Leaders - help prepare, deliver, and set up projects for the Georgia National Fair.

Local Event Chaperones – assist with 4-H Service Projects like Adopt-A-Highway, Pet Therapy, and others, chaperon 4-H Fundraiser Dances, or help with other 4-H events.

Camp & Conference Volunteers – Serve as a chaperone for out of town conferences and summer camp. Must complete Certified Overnight Chaperon Training.

Summer Program Leaders – help plan summer classes and lead a segment of the activities (i.e. crafts, food preparation, games, etc.).

Honors Program Leaders – help plan theme and decorations for the end of the school year 4-H honors program, assist with setting up and clean up of facility, and assist with preparation of awards.

Office Helpers – help with data entry, mail-outs, etc.

Specialty Club Leader – be a club leader for a specialty club, for example a Photography Club. We welcome your ideas for specialty clubs.

Public Relations Volunteers – help plan public relations activities for local 4-H program including National 4-H Week promotion, homecoming parade and Christmas parade floats, etc.