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  • Timeline of the U.S.–China Trade Dispute and Tariffs on Cotton and Textile Trade (C 1259) In 2018, the Trump Administration proclaimed significant changes in tariff actions on a variety of U.S. imports, which led to retaliation by U.S. trading partners—including China and many U.S. allies. These actions led to a 2-year trade dispute between the United States and China. Global commercial ties were destabilized and the trade and investment transactions and flows were hampered by the resulting trade dispute. This paper documents the timeline of the U.S.–China trade dispute and the retaliation and responses from China to the Trump Administration’s tariffs. As cotton and its related products were caught in the middle of the trade dispute, this paper also provides discussions about the tariffs implemented by both countries on the cotton and textile sector.
  • 2023 Ag Snapshots (AP 129-1) Ag Snapshots is a brief focus on Georgia's agricultural industry and are based on the Georgia Farm Gate Value Report from the previous year with helpful infographics and maps. Years prior to 2023 can be accessed on the Agribusiness and Economic Development publications site:
  • Understanding Your Credit Score (C 1043-2) Learn what a credit score is and why it is important. This publication covers what is considered and average credit score and what factors influence your score.