UGA Extension Office

Lab Services: Soil and Water Testing

Environmental Testing services include:

  • soil analysis
  • water quality
  • plant tissue analysis
  • pesticides and hazardous waste
  • feeds and forages
  • special analysis

Soil Testing

Let's begin with a soil test. When clients come in our office with questions about their lawn, garden, trees, etc. we always suggest starting with a soil test.

It is not necessary to come by and pick up the bags first. You may bring your dry sample into our office in plastic bags, cups, or any kind of container. We will transfer it over to a UGA soil bag. Bring in 2 cups of dry soil.

The cost per sample is $10.00 (cash, credit card or check) and the results are either mailed or emailed. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm and close from noon to 1:00pm for lunch.


Soil test bag and probe

Soil test bag and probe


Water Testing

Water testing is important to monitoring water quality for people who get their water from a well.

When you pour yourself a glass of water to drink, it may appear clean, taste good, and you may expect it to be safe. However, many sources of water we assume are safe may contain dissolved minerals, organic compounds or even live organisms at harmful concentrations. Contaminated water used for drinking and cooking may affect your health. Also, high concentrations of certain minerals in your water can result in quality issues such as unpleasant taste and odors or staining of bathroom fixtures and/or laundry.

The quality and safety of drinking water is of great concern to many Americans today because of an increased interest in health and environmental quality. This new focus on water quality has led many Americans to consider testing their water.

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