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Making A Difference in Our County

We're working hard for the citizens we serve. Here are some examples of successful projects from the past year:

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Murray and Whitfield County Extension offices, as well as Polk County Extension and McMinn County, Tennessee, Extension offices collaborated for a three-day residential summer camp called 4-H2O. Forty-four 4-H’ers in fourth through twelfth grades from across Georgia and Tennessee attended. Several different curricula were combined to create a fun, experiential learning, water science camp for Georgia and Tennessee 4-H’ers. In the end of camp evaluation, youth were asked what they learned, what their favorite activity/lesson was and how active they were in their home 4-H program. Knowledge levels about what a watershed is and how to protect them increased from 4.7% to 59.5%. Knowledge about identifying macroinvertebrates increased from 4.7% to 47.6%. What water buoys are and how they are used increased from 9.7% to 60% and knowledge about how to conserve water at home increased from 39% to 74%. The overall favorite camp activity, other than the evening water games, was the Water Cycle activity. Youth were also asked to write a story about what they liked the most about camp, whether it be a new friend, adult supervisor or educator, place we visited or educational lesson. Some of the comments included: “I think this camp is awesome,” “I made cool friends who were really fun,’” “I liked all the games that we played,” “I thought the field trips were cool,” “I am so coming back next year,” and “I really enjoyed going to the river. Learning about the river’s beginning and ending is fascinating and especially the water creatures that live there. I would love to come back again.”

4-H Youth Development

Murray County 4-H reaches more than 1,300 Kindergarten through 12th grade students and helps those students develop the knowledge, life skills and attitudes needed to become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. Our mission is fulfilled through hands-on learning experiences offered both in the classroom and during out of school activities. Murray 4-H Tech Changemakers addresses the digital divide between young people and senior citizens by providing education on common technological devices, assisting with one-on-one support and helping with online activities. This vision was accomplished by teaching 4-H youth to technologically support senior citizens in a variety of activities related to cell phones, laptops and online usage. This support is offered through identified community collaborations, and monthly classes are presented at the Murray County Senior Center focusing on digital literacy skills. Some of the classes offered focus on social media, online shopping, internet safety, video calling, grocery services and basic skills involving email, contacts and voicemail. Throughout the program, Murray County 4-H had various youth leaders teaching senior adults. In a survey administered during the final session of the program, every adult respondent indicated that new technology skills were learned, that they wanted to learn more about technology, that they learned ways technology can help them and said that the teens teaching were knowledgeable about the content taught. One participant stated, “As you know, I have been out of school for a while now and technology was not a word in existence at that time. These young leaders that we had teach us technology classes were not only kind and caring toward us, but very patient with us. These students were excellent teachers and, throughout the year, they became our friends as well.”

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