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Project S.A.F.E.


What is Project S.A.F.E.

Project S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education) is an active program, attractive to youth and adult audiences. The program curriculum based and designed to assist young people in personal development, establish a personal environmental ethic and explore life-long vocational and avocational activities. The program uses experimental learning and positive interactions with youth and adult role models to help young people develop self-concept, self-assurance and a positive self-image. 

The program promotes responsibility, decision-making and identifying realistic, personal goals. Participants may elect to compete at a level appropriate for their abilities or pursue other objectives. The program strives to make "every kid a winner," and to "make the best better." 

Project S.A.F.E. Objectives 

  • Enhance youth development of self -concept, character and personal growth through safe, educational and socially acceptable involvement in shooting activities.
  • To involve youth in a life skills program that teaches safe and responsible use of firearms including sound decision-making, self-discipline and concentration.
  • to promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior. 
  • To expose participants to the broad array of vocational and life-long avocation activities elated to shooting sports.
  • To strengthen families through participation in life-long recreational activities.
  • To complement and enhance the impact of existing safety, shooting and hunter education programs using experimental (hands on) educational methods and progressive development of skills and abilities. 


Participants will learn safe and proper firearms use.

Registration Date : 

Callaway Livestock Pavilion
1812 Macedonia Church Rd. Buchanan, GA 30113

Practice on Tuesday & Thursday 



Participants will learn safe and proper bow and arrow use.  

(4th-12th Graders) 





(7th -12th Graders) 

Participants will learn safe and proper firearm use. 


Callaway Livestock Pavilion - 1812 Macedonia Church Rd. Buchanan, GA 30113