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Areas where your Fannin County agent can help you include:

  • Horticulture and Landscaping
  • Soil Testing Service
  • Water Quality Analyses
  • Pond Management
  • Plant Disease Diagnosis
  • Weed Identification
  • Insect Identification
  • Row Crops and Pastures
  • Master Gardener Program

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Identifying Plant Problems

If you have questions about your lawn, garden, insects, or other landscape issues, please send photos along with your question(s) to our ANR agent. Most issues and ID can be diagnosed with good photos. Once your photos and questions have been received, she will be able to assist you. What is Happening to my Plants? is a great resouce on how to propery send a  sample image to best assist you to identify the problems.

Testing Services

UGA Extension - Fannin provides testing services through The University of Georgia. There are many types of tests available such as water, soil, plant tissue, and radon.

Please contact the office at 706-632-3061 to learn test options, pricing, packaging, and office hours for bringing in your test samples. Results are usually available in 8 - 10 business days.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing the Easy Way for instructions on taking a soil sample.

Soil tests are $6.00 per sample, plus shipping.

Soil tests provide information on the soil's actual nutrient status and are used to determine the amount and kind of nutrients that should be added to the soil for the desired crop.

Water Testing

  • Expanded Water- Recommended mineral test if water has never been tested. This test addresses common well water quality problems in Georgia such as corrosion, high levels of iron and manganese, and nitrate from various sources. $65
  • Basic Mineral  -  Recommended annual mineral test after Expanded test has been done. $25
  • Bacteria Test- Tests for E-coli & Total Coliform. This test is time sensitive and can only be over night shipped Monday through Wednesday to the lab. Includes overnight UPS shipping lable. $46
  • Home Loan Closing Test-Used when purchasing or refinancing a home. Best practice is for the client to contact the lender for clarification on what exactly has to be tested. USDA and VA loans require this test. Tests for E-coli, Total Coliform, Lead, Nitrate & Nitrites. Includes overnight UPS shipping lable. $95.00
  • Radon in the Water - $40


Please contact the office to find out what other water tests are available.



Below are some of UGA Extension's most broadly useful resources for those involved in agriculture on the farm, in schools, and around the home.

Production Agriculture:
Statewide Variety Testing
Statewide Variety Testing Which varieties should you plant? The variety testing team does the work and research for farmers.
UGA Weather Network
UGA Weather Network Reliable weather information for agricultural and environmental applications, including soil temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and more.
Pesticide Safety Education
Pesticide Safety Education Everything you need to achieve certification and maintain the knowledge to safely and effectively make use of restricted-use and all other types of pesticides.
Sustainable Agriculture A collection of resources for those interested in production and marketing practices that are profitable, environmentally sound, and that improve the quality of life for farmers, farm workers, and the community.
Ag Budgets and Economics Resources for production economics, farm management, marketing, situation and outlook, risk management, financial management, farm policy, labor, and taxation.
Farmgate Value Report
Farmgate Value Report Annual county-level reports documenting the value of all food and fiber commodities grown in the state.
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Home & Garden:
Soil Testing
Soil Testing Ensure that your soil is productive! Get your soil tested to determine the amount and kind of nutrients that should be added for the best growth.
Pest Management
Pest Management Recommendations for pest control around homes, on pets, in the home garden, and more.
Household Water Quality
Household Water Quality Water quality has an immediate and a prolonged effect on the health of your household. This publication series contains basic information about home water quality and treatment.
Home Garden Publication Series
Home Garden Publication Series Topics include garden planning, soil preparation, weed control, pollination, disease and insect control, harvesting, and preserving.
Georgia Green Industry Professional Development The UGA Center for Urban Agriculture offers professional training and certifications for the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional, Georgia Certified Plant Professional exam and Super Crew employee training series.
Soil Testing
Georgia Green Landscape Stewards The Georgia Green Landscape Stewards program provides fact-based information to help businesses and residences in Georgia implement sustainable green practices in their landscape.
Community and School Gardens This Community and School Gardens blog is designed to help community and school gardeners succeed by connecting them to UGA Extension and other research-based resources.
Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources Whether you'd like to help protect the environment, teach your students how to avoid chronic diseases with healthy food and physical activity, or train food handlers in your cafeteria, University of Georgia Extension can help.