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Making A Difference in Our County

We're working hard for the citizens we serve. Here are some examples of successful projects from the past year:


The Dawson County 4-H Archery and BB teams have hit a bull’s-eye with the Georgia Project Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education (S.A.F.E.) program. They have doubled participants in the past year due to the hard work and dedication of Dawson County 4-H-certified volunteers and S.A.F.E. coaches. Currently there are 18 BB and 19 archery participants in Dawson County. This past year, three archery coaches and five BB coaches went through the Georgia 4-H S.A.F.E. training. The Dawson 4-H S.A.F.E. teams have raised over $5,000 to help keep registration fees at a minimum for 4-H students. A total of 400 coaching hours were accrued this past year and 250 hours were accrued by risk-management-trained 4-H volunteers in assisting, chaperoning, transporting and fundraising for the teams. Volunteer time is worth $23.07 per hour, according to the federal government. The amount of hours volunteered in terms of monetary value is over $15,000.


Although Dawson County does not have a Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) agent based in the county Extension office, we strive to assist local residents with their questions. Common questions cover food safety, food preservation, dealing with mold and mildew, healthy meal planning, nutrition, family budgeting, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) resources and more. These issues and others are answered through a wide variety of free UGA Extension publications available at the county office and phone conferences with Family and Consumer Sciences agents from surrounding counties. Neighboring FCS agents often conduct programming that our county residents are welcome to attend. Our office can provide information about programming in surrounding counties.


Clark MacAllister, UGA Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in Dawson County, assists farmers and homeowners with soil fertility, safe pesticide use, private pesticide license testing, water use, home gardening, small farm startups, and crop and pasture management. The UGA Extension office in Dawson County also provides soil, water, forage and plant pathogen testing through the Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories at UGA. The trees in Dawson County parks enhance beauty and provide shade to citizens, but they also pose a safety risk to park patrons. The UGA Extension agent in Dawson County, an ISA-certified arborist, performed tree risk assessments in all three Dawson County parks to help ensure the safety of park users. Hazardous trees were either pruned or removed based on the agent’s recommendations. Local taxpayers saw a savings benefit of around $15,000 from using the services of the UGA Extension agent rather than an outside arborist. The Dawson County government was also able to keep lower liability insurance premiums by addressing park tree hazards.University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is working hard for its constituents. The following are examples of our impact in the county over the past year.

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